Should I qualify buyers myself

No Don’t Qualify Buyers Yourself.

The owner of a very successful, specialised manufacturing company decided to sell his business himself. He estimated that the business was worth around $1.2 million. Having advertised the business for sale he entered discussions with various parties. To his horror he later discovered that among the potential purchasers was someone on a fact finding mission for one of his main competitors.

Business owners who attempt to sell their businesses themselves often report that the process of meeting and vetting potential buyers is the most difficult and time consuming of all. Distinguishing legitimate buyers from among the raft of respondents, that may include time wasters or even inquisitive competitors, requires a great deal of judgement and background research. LINK brokers handle this delicate and often difficult process with integrity and discretion, ensuring that any sensitive information that could identify the business is withheld until the purchaser as signed a legally-binding Confidentiality Agreement.

Also I will never send information to a respondent without having a phone call with them to determine if they are a suitable buyer. Often I will require a face to face meeting and for certain businesses I send the persons details to the seller to check it is OK to disclose confidential information to them.